Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Break Your Socks - Anti Valentines

No, Break Your Socks isnt a fresh new boy band striaght from the mean streets of Lincoln, its a live music/screen printing event run by some very lovely young men, Rich, Jamie, Luke and Windle.
The BYS evenings are held every couple of months with a certain theme. This being February the theme is Anti-Valentines.
I was lucky enough to have my design printed as one of the tee's to be sold on the night, which is this Thursday (03-02-2011).

Here's a closer look at the four designs.

Photography By Lincoln based photographer Rick Nunn


  1. Congrats! Uber hot! :) Typography tees are so in! I'm actually visiting Europe right now, and I'm a poet and writer myself, and I noticed that here - in particularly in Spain and France, poet x artist x fashion designer collabs are in!

    I might have a publishing deal coming soon, so if we like each other, maybe we could join forces. I'm going to talk to some people when I come back to Toronto soon.

    Tallulah Doll

  2. PS: Ian you can contact me via