Friday, 23 September 2011

Limited Edition Prints

I had some of my Illustrated Celebs screen printed the other week and I have only a couple left. One went to my little competition winner, and the others have been snapped up.
The print is
of our favourite New Zealanders Bret and Jermaine, all with hand written quote of your choice from the show.

Quotes already been suggested by people were: -

"Born to folk"
"She's so hot she's making me sexist...bitch"
"Its spaghetti and girls, we love spaghetti and girls"
"Go folk yourself" (not from the show, just damn witty)

all prints are:
Hand silk screened on thick paper
330mm x 420mm
edition of 6, hand signed with added quote

So if you want yourself one of these treats get in touch quickly.

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