Monday, 31 October 2011


It's that time of year again where men all over the country men sacrifice their good looks and grow a moustache throughout the month of November to raise money and support prostate cancer.
I can count myself lucky, as I have the ability to grow a full face of hair. Many friends have commented that they were jealous of my growing skills. So this year I shall take this talent and cultivate a delicious Mo for Movember!
This is my second attemp
t of Movember, as my first try ended as bad as any charity act could end with me losing my job. (I should say I didn't loose my job because of the 'tache, I just happened to have the moustache on the day I heard the bad news.)
So I've been out and brought a new razor, having not clean shaved for well over 4 years, my face will be revealed in all it's glory as I embark on my Mo adventure.

If you would like to support this great charity please take the time to donate to my Mo Team, click on the link and hit the big don
ate button.


Any contribution would be very warmly received. And I'll be taking pictures daily to track my progress and upload them week by week.

Also, 'tache designs are still open for discussion, any ideas or suggestions welcome.

Love x

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